L1 Portable Line Array Systems

Clear, natural, powerful sound delivered with the widest possible coverage.


Which L1 system is right for you?

To find out, download and print our L1 comparison overview, which shows you performance and specs for each L1 system.

L1® Compact system

Our smallest and most portable system for an audience of up to 100. It has a six-speaker articulated line array, and it includes an integrated two-channel mixer with ToneMatch® presets on each channel. Carry it in one trip. Fill the room with one system.READ MORE >

L1® Model 1S

A unique combination of performance and portability for audiences of up to 300. With a 12-speaker articulated line array providing 180 degrees of clear, even, sound, the system is also designed to work with the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine. READ MORE >

L1® Model II

Our most advanced L1 system for audiences of up to 500. The 24-speaker articulated line array provides 180 degrees clear and even coverage that is easy transport and setup. Designed to work with the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine.READ MORE >


Kip Winger

Classical composer and live performer uses the L1 Model II system in his studio and on stage.

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Jamie Kent

Singer/Songwriter and Rolling Stone Magazine's "Artist You Need to Know" uses the Bose L1 system

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Daniel Ho

Grammy winner Daniel Ho uses the Bose L1 system for his live shows.

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