ShowMatch™ System Solutions

A sound investment for your rental business.

Bose ShowMatch™ DeltaQ™ Array Loudspeakers
ShowMatch loudspeakers feature next-generation array technology to provide top-class sound quality for live music production, with best-in-class vocal clarity throughout the audience listening area. Array modules are available with three vertical coverage patterns, each with field‑replaceable waveguides to change horizontal coverage. Integrated, quick‑pin suspension hardware and accessories allow for fast array deployment.

DeltaQ_RGB.jpg DeltaQ array technology improves sound quality and vocal clarity by providing selectable
coverage patterns that direct more sound to the audience areas with “Q” that varies by module in the array.

Array coverage you need with fewer boxes. ShowMatch full‑range array modules are available with 5°, 10°, or 20° vertical coverage that allows J-array, constant-curvature, or DeltaQ array configurations. Conventional line arrays can require up to twice the box count for comparable vertical coverage. DeltaQ arrays can improve sight lines, reduce rigging weight and system costs.

Replaceable waveguides allow changing horizontal coverage to better match audience coverage needs and can form asymmetrical patterns for improved acoustic performance in left/right arrays. 

High output for size class. 145 dB peak array output levels generated from 2x8" neodymium woofers and 4x Bose EMB2S neodymium compression drivers, with more usable low-frequency output in smaller arrays.


Powersoft® X4 Power Amplifiers 
Bose Professional has partnered with Powersoft of Italyto distribute their X4 model power amplifier with Bose ShowMatch loudspeakers for portable rental and touring applications. The Powersoft X4 amplifier features 4 output channels, each rated for up to 5200 watts, with a global power supply that accepts 85 – 440V, including 3‑phase. The X4 includes integrated loudspeaker DSP with analog, AES3 and Dante™ digital audio networking.

Powersoft Armonía Pro Audio Suite™ Software
Armonia software provides setup, remote control and monitoring of X4 amps. Preset files are available with EQ, crossover, and limiter settings for all ShowMatch modules. Complete system files are also available for typical array configurations. All loudspeaker settings can be locked, with additional EQ layers available for FOH engineer tonal balance adjustment.


AFMG® EASE® Focus Acoustic Simulation Software
EASE Focus 3 software allows 3D modeling of audience areas with prediction of acoustic direct‑field coverage, sound levels, and frequency response, plus rigging pitch angles with auto‑splay calculation. The Bose ShowMatch GLL files are licensed to allow use in both Focus and “full” EASE software.

X4 Wiring Options for ShowMatch™ Modules

           3-box parallel 2 subs/channel parallel
             (Z min = 2.0 Ω)* (Z min = 2.0 Ω)*



SMALL SYSTEM: Corporate AV Rental Voice-Lift

SMALL SYSTEM: Corporate AV Rental Voice-Lift

SM5 Modules SM10 Modules SM20 Modules SMS118 Subs Array Frames    Bose X4 Racks 
8 2 2 8 2 1

MEDIUM SYSTEM: Live Music Rental/Staging

MEDIUM SYSTEM: Live Music Rental/Staging 

SM5 Modules SM10 Modules SM20 Modules SMS118 Subs Array Frames    Bose X4 Racks 
20 2 2 16 2 2
LARGE SYSTEM: Live-Music Rental/Staging

LARGE SYSTEM: Live-Music Rental/Staging 

SM5 Modules SM10 Modules SM20 Modules SMS118 Subs Array Frames    Bose X4 Racks 
28 4 8 24 4 4



Dave Fine-Firesheets

FOH Engineer, Brooklyn Bowl’s Sunset Sounds

"The system performed really well for us with rock, pop and funk acts. And it’s been useful to be able to minimize side-wall reflections by keeping the sound of the live show away from the building walls in this narrow venue."

Frank X Gallagher

Production Manager/FOH, B52's

"I had a great time mixing on the ShowMatch system. The band, fans and management were all very happy with the sound of the show. I look forward to using it in the future, and learning about which rental companies carry the system."

Anatole Day

FOH Engineer, Guy Sebastian

"ShowMatch can definitely cover everything we're throwing at it. Literally out of cardboard it sounded good."

Jerry Holcomb

FOH Engineer, Kari Jobe & Winter Jam

"You name it, I’ve mixed on it. I like clarity and quick response from drum tones and things like that where it's very present and close up. The tone was there, high and low. I was real happy with that."

Jesse Ralph

FOH Engineer, Legacy Productions

“It's tour-quality sound with a hint of finesse, so it's really smooth. Would I mix on it again? Absolutely.”

Matt Lampley

Technical Director, First Baptist Church, Albany GA

“It sounds great, plenty of high end, plenty of beef in the middle. The subs have plenty of punch but also have plenty of low end to carry the whole sound to balance it out, to give you a good even tone all the way across.”


FOH, Fetty Wap ‘For My Fans’ Tour 2018

"Frankly, it blew me away; I actually was really surprised how good it sounded compared to other systems I have mixed on in the past...the bottom end was great; it really had a lot of punch to it, which is exactly what I need for Fetty Wap."

Ryan Nichols

FOH Engineer, Switchfoot

"It's exciting to see a company like Bose really focus on a great sounding PA. I can say the Bose ShowMatch rig is already on my rider."

Chris Conley

FOH Engineer, Los Lonely Boys

"I mix on something different every night, different console, different boxes, and with minimal tweaking this ShowMatch rig is probably the best sound I’ve had. ShowMatch has blown away every rig I’ve mixed on this year, or last year."

Ben Hammond

FOH Engineer, Don Broco

"My show file on the dLive for Broco is over 200 shows old and, no word of a lie, every show we did with the Bose PA allowed me to hear something in the tracks I’ve never heard before."


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