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  • High-quality Bose Professional audio processing, amplification, and loudspeakers
  • Integrated control and logic for simple end-user operation
  • Versatile hardware placement options maintain attractive meeting rooms
  • Time-saving cabling and smart software configuration simplify installation

Solution Overview

Bose Professional conferencing solutions offer robust, flexible, and attractive meeting room products that improve meetings. With ceiling and surface-mounted loudspeaker options, attractive room controls, reliable amplifiers, and high-end audio processing, Bose conferencing solutions adapt to nearly any room and deliver audio quality that productive meeting spaces deserve.


The ControlSpace EX-1280C conferencing processor includes 12 mic/line analog inputs, 8 analog outputs, 8 Bose AmpLink digital outputs, 12 acoustic echo cancellers (AEC) 64x64 Dante and flexible, open-architecture signal processing to meet the needs of a wide variety of integrated-microphone audio conferencing applications. Dedicated conference room software algorithms simplify programming and helps deliver trouble-free systems.



Bose PowerShare adaptable power amplifiers deliver reliability and sound quality, with the ability to share total power across all output channels, allowing installers the freedom to utilize power where needed. PowerShare amplifiers now support analog and digital connections via Bose AmpLink and Dante®  audio networking.



Attractively-designed Bose FreeSpace and EdgeMax loudspeakers complement any meeting room space with high-quality sound from surface or ceiling locations. EdgeMax EM180 loudspeakers address modern conference room ceiling constraints by offering a 180-degree sound source that disperses over the room from a central ceiling location – ideal for video conferencing applications where localization is desired.


Under Table Dante Endpoints

Optimized for use with the EX-1280C conferencing processor, Bose EX-8ML, EX-4ML, and EX-UH endpoints leverage a single Cat 5 cable to the table to fully bring microphones, and other sources to the call.


Featured Installation

“We chose ControlSpace EX because of our long-term relationship with Bose and its ease of integration with Dante microphones. We were also very impressed with the EdgeMax and PowerShare and the opportunity to delight our customer with an all-Bose audio solution. The system sounds great, as expected, and was very easy to install, especially using the Conference Room Router which saved a great deal of time during design as well as troubleshooting. The VoIP GUI also made is very easy to setup the VoIP for the customer’s Avaya phone system. We have standardized on the EX-1280C, EdgeMax loudspeaker and PowerShare amplifier for all our future large conference room solutions”.

~Daniel Bolduc, head of installed sound, Sonimec

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Recent Installations

MetroHousing, Boston


Bose ControlSpace EX-1280C Bose EdgeMax EM180 PowerShare amplifiers

Bank of Changsha


Bose ControlSpace EX-1280C processor FreeSpace DS 40F loudspeakers PowerShare amplifiers

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