ShowMatch™ DeltaQ™ Loudspeakers

Introducing the next generation in array technology.

Switchfoot at House of Blues, Boston MA

With DeltaQ technology, new ShowMatch array loudspeakers more precisely direct sound to the audience in both installed and portable applications. Each array module offers field-changeable waveguides that can vary coverage and even create asymmetrical patterns. The result is unmatched sound quality and vocal clarity for every seat in the house.



Ryan Nichols

FOH Engineer, Switchfoot

It's exciting to see a company like Bose really focus on a great sounding PA. I can say the Bose ShowMatch rig is already on my rider.

Jerry Holcomb

FOH Engineer, Kari Jobe & Winter Jam

You name it, I’ve mixed on it. I like clarity and quick response from drum tones and things like that where it's very present and close up. The tone was there, high and low. I was real happy with that.

Jesse Ralph

FOH Engineer, Legacy Productions

It's tour-quality sound with a hint of finesse, so it's really smooth. Would I mix on it again? Absolutely.

Matt Lampley

Technical Director, First Baptist Church, Albany GA

It sounds great, plenty of high end, plenty of beef in the middle. The subs have plenty of punch but also have plenty of low end to carry the whole sound to balance it out, to give you a good even tone all the way across.

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