F1 Flexible Array Loudspeaker System

Inspired by arena audio technology.

F1 in the City

Product Overview

FOH Engineers Review the F1 System

Touring line arrays, with their flexibility and coverage control, were the inspiration for the Bose F1 Flexible Array loudspeaker system. Small in size but not performance, the F1 Model 812 allows you to control your coverage in nearly any space. Four flexible array options shape your sound, ensuring every seat in the house enjoys an optimum listening experience. Add to that 1000 W of full-range power plus the portable, high performance F1 Sub and the result is a system with unmatched clarity, range and punch only Bose can deliver.

How it Works

The eight drivers on the F1 Model 812 Flexible Array loudspeaker are mounted on a specially designed flexible baffle. Simply push or pull the array into position to create four vertical coverage patterns: “Straight,” ”J,” “Reverse J,” or “C.” Once set, the system automatically changes the EQ to maintain optimum tonal balance for each unique coverage pattern.

Straight Pattern

Use the straight pattern when the audience is standing and their heads are approximately at the same height as the loudspeaker.


The J pattern works well when the loudspeaker is up on a raised stage and the audience is seated below on the floor.

Reverse J Pattern

The reverse-J pattern is good for an audience in raked seating that starts at loudspeaker height and extends above the top of the loudspeaker.


Use the C pattern for raked seating in an auditorium when the first row is on the floor with the loudspeaker.

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