L1 可攜式線性陣列系統



哪個 L1 系統最適合您?

想知道的話,請下載並列印我們的 L1 比較概覽,內有各個 L1 系統的效能和規格可供參考。

L1Ⓡ Compact 系統

我們最小巧且最方便攜帶的系統,適合多達 100 名觀眾的場合。具有六個揚聲單體的鉸接式線性陣列,並包含整合式雙聲道混音器,每個聲道都擁有 ToneMatch® 預設。輕鬆就能帶著走。用一台系統,讓樂音充滿整個空間。閱讀更多 >

L1® Model 1S

兼具效能和可攜性的獨家設計,可供多達 300 名觀眾的場合使用。此系統擁有 12 個揚聲單體的鉸接式線性陣列,可提供 180 度清晰均勻的音質,其設計也能搭配 T1 ToneMatch® 音頻引擎共同運作。閱讀更多 >

L1® Model II

我們最先進的 L1 系統,適合多達 500 名觀眾的場合。24 揚聲單體的鉸接式陣列,可提供 180 度清晰均勻的覆蓋效果,且容易攜帶和安裝。專門設計與 T1 ToneMatch® 音頻引擎搭配使用。閱讀更多 >


Stephen Kellogg

“The reason I love the L1 for house concerts is because it guarantees the experience. It’s lightweight, you set it up, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, it sounds amazing. It’s pretty surreal technology.”

Jeff Barnett


"It's a joy to gig with the Bose L1 Model II! It does double-duty as both mains and monitors, and provides exceptionally even coverage over a large audience area. The B2 provides all the low end I could want, and best of all, the entire PA fits easily in the trunk of my car."

Kip Winger

「古典樂作曲家兼現場演奏家,無論是在工作室或舞台上都使用 L1 Model II 系統。

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Jamie Kent

「歌手/詞曲創作家,滾石雜誌『Artist You Need to Know』(不可錯過的藝人),使用 Bose L1 系統

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Daniel Ho

「葛萊美獎得主 Daniel Ho 在現場演出時使用 Bose L1 系統。

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Megan Slankard


“As a full time indie artist, playing a wide variety of venues (from clubs to house concerts, from theaters to busking) it’s paramount for me to have professional sound to represent my music. I would never think about leaving for a tour without my L1 and S1 Pro, where I get consistent, clear, and expert sound set up in just minutes”

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